Titanium Membrane Filtration.
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Rethink the limits of membrane filtration. A filtration solution that delivers cost savings and unmatched performance in demanding process conditions.

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A Revolution In Filtration

The Trident Titanium Membrane Filtration (TMF) is a powerful and innovative filtration solution with game-changing properties that redefine the possibilities of filtration technologies.

Membrane filtration technologies are well established in industrial filtration processes. However, traditional membrane systems with polymeric hollow fiber or ceramic membranes come with draw-backs that present challenges to many operators: rapid fouling, declining flux rates, limited operating ranges (due to the impact of temperature, pH, corrosion or pressure), poor selectivity and high costs.

Introduction Of Titanium

Titanium has long been known for its strength characteristics. Only with the recent introduction of innovative manufacturing processes it is now possible to manufacture a high efficiency filter that is superior to any conventional membranes.

Performance Meets Efficiency

Trident Titanium Membrane Systems address the challenges encountered with traditional membranes. Superior performance properties of titanium paired with the proven tubular cross flow design, ensure consistently high filtration performance and extremely low operating costs.

Regardless of how demanding the operating conditions may be, the Trident Titanium Membrane System continues to deliver.

Take us up on this promise. We offer different pilot options, at your plant or remotely with samples that you provide.

Why Choose Titanium

The Trident Titanium Membrane addresses the challenges encountered with traditional membranes. Superior performance properties of titanium paired with the proven tubular cross flow design, ensure consistently high separation results.

The exceptional strength and structural properties of Titanium are the foundation for the membrane’s impressive performance. Advanced manufacturing processes allow for very uniform pore sizes. The material also withstands high pressures during CIP cleaning cycles, a key requirement for maintaining consistently high flux rates.

With an allowable pH operating range of 0-14, the titanium membrane can process a variety of feedstocks. It it also able to handle the most rigorous chemical enhanced backwash or sanitization processes, preventing fouling and pore clogging.

Titanium is known for its effectiveness in high performance industrial applications. One of the reasons is its high heat tolerance. The titanium membrane can operate in a wide range of temperatures, up to 1,000°F. This allows for instantaneous cleaning, such as high-pressure bursts of steam.

Take a look at these impressive results our team was able to produce in different applications, thanks to the titanium membrane.

Trident Titanium Membranes
Deliver Exceptional Performance

The TMF is versatile and suits a variety of applications and plant processes with different treatment capacities.

Tubular membranes build up suspended solid loadings to 99%. The RDV delivers a ‘spadable’ dry retentate.


System design, membrane hydrophilicity and strength deliver and maintain highest flux rates and longest runtime.


Superior filtration performance in FOG applications, with up to 99.87% removal in a single pass.


CIP with your preferred cleaning agents, steam or pressure, without degrading the membrane’s performance.


No extensive startup and shutdown procedures required, improving runtime efficiency, especially when batch processing or mobile applications are required.


Membranes withstand high temperatures and can process feed streams with over 1,000°F (550°C). Membranes can also be cleaned with nitric acids at high temperature.


Superior strength and structural properties of membrane ensures true pore sizes and uniform rejection rates.


Low energy requirements (operate at low pressure), only require chemicals for cleaning, and fully automated operation.


Receive updates on this innovative filtration technology.

Test Results & Pilot Options

Find out how effective the system is. We have test results available for many applications. Trident also offers equipment pilots at clients' plants, or can process your samples remotely.

We have a database of test results available from a number of pilots in different applications such as food processing, manufacturing, ag wastes, municipal wastewater and more. Below the data from two food processing pilots. The Sample 2 contains high FOG. Contact us if you'd like to review data for your specific application."

Application Description BOD mg/l SS mg/l Grease mg/l COD mg/l
Sample 1 Feed 28,900 19,800 n/a 61,900
Filtrate 1,520 15 n/a 4,390
Reduction 1,820 2,585 n/a 8,110
Reduction in % 54.49% 99.42% n/a 64.88%
Sample 2 Feed 1,650 n/a 370 2,890
Filtrate 608 n/a 13 791
Reduction 1,042 n/a 357 2,099
Reduction in % 63.15% n/a 96.49% 72.63%

A convenient option to establish flux data and a filtration assessment based on your specific samples is the remote pilot option at our facility. Customers receive a detailed description of the testing process, assessment of efficacy and photo documentation of pre and post treatment samples.

For a full fee schedule contact your Trident representative.

We can arrange an onsite filtration pilot at your plant with a skid-mounted pilot system. The work is performed by a Trident Technician and includes the system optimization to your treatment and CIP requirements, which includes baseline flux, concentrate flux as well as cleaning cycles with caustic, acid and disinfectant agents. Customers will receive a report including an assessment of efficacy at the end of the pilot.

For a full fee schedule contact your Trident representative.